Taxes Due DateIn America, the federal government and the states have created many different types of taxes.  We have sales tax, real estate tax, property tax, and the most dreaded income tax.  These taxes are collected and used to pay for government services including national defense, social security, medicare, roads, schools, and it goes on and on and on!  There are many different opinions ad philosophies about taxation, “How much is enough?” and “What should be paid for with American tax dollars?”, but most people would agree that they would like to pay as little taxes as legally possible!

Because income tax is usually the biggest bite to the actual money you get to keep and spend or save for retirement, it is also where proper planning can be the most beneficial to the average person or small business.  One of the worse feelings is realizing that a few tweaks to your savings or spending, could have saved you thousands of dollars of tax liability.  There is always the possibility that there are deductions and credits that you are legally allowed to take, that were missed because of lack of knowledge.  It has been estimated that millions of tax payers overpay their taxes every year because of overlooked deductions.

Taxes Due

When its time to have your income taxes prepared, there are many ways tax payers choose to get them completed.  Millions of people each year go it alone, many others find the closes costumed character waving at them on the street, and for those looking to have them done right they hire a qualified professional.  This year, choose Pembroke Tax.  We are a professional tax preparation firm and we care about our clients.  We know the tax code and we know how to take full advantage of deductions and tax credits to help minimize your liability and get you the biggest refund available.  Our tax professionals are Enrolled Agents, federally licensed by the IRS and in good standing with the National Association of Enrolled Agents.  We are locally owned and operated and know that in order to succeed we need to be able to provide a personalized service at a reasonable fee.

Contact Pembroke Tax if you have any questions about taxes, we are working hard to be “The Trusted Tax Professionals”.


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