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When a taxpayer is unable to pay the total tax due for a given tax period, and a final notice has been received, collection actions will subsequently begin.  The collections process can be very stressful to the taxpayer, and entails a mountain of letters and notices sent from the IRS’s Automated Collection System (ACS).  In some cases, when these attempts fail, a Revenue Officer will personally be assigned to attempt to collect the unpaid taxes.  In both situations, the IRS will use all tools at their disposal to collect on the unpaid liability including but not limited to Federal Tax Liens on Personal Property, Seizing Bank Accounts, Garnishing Wages,  Reporting Liens on your Credit Report, etc… The IRS is the largest collection agency in the world, and no matter how long they are ignored, they will not just go away until the issue is resolved.  When turning for help, the taxpayer should look for a company that is experienced in offering IRS Resolution Tax Services.

State tax issues can actually be worse!  Because they are only dealing with taxpayers of one state and because they do not have the resources of the IRS, the state can move from billing a taxpayer to garnishing wages or levying bank accounts very quickly, relatively speaking.  Some states will also use outside collection agencies that will report the debt to the credit reporting agencies and negatively affect your credit.

At Pembroke Tax, an experienced Enrolled Agent will work with you to accomplish two very important things:

  • Protect your bank accounts, wages from garnishment, personal & business assets, and property from being seized.
  • Identify and Implement a personalized solution, based on your unique situation, which requires the least possible settlement or repayment amount, conceivably saving, you the taxpayer, thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Solving back tax problems can be very overwhelming to the average taxpayer.  We know that each case is has unique circumstances, but our Enrolled Agents have worked with many clients and been involved in many different scenarios.  At Pembroke Tax we use the latest technology to analyze each case, which differentiates us from many Tax Services.  This saves time, and in an industry where time is money, it helps us provide our services at very competitive rates.  We do not charge hourly fees that continue to add up month after month, we charge based on the case and the tax services provided.  We start each case with the initial interview where we gather information including your expectations.  From there we move to the analysis phase.  We gather tax information provided by the IRS and financial information provided by the taxpayer to analyze the best solution for you.  Once the solution is identified, Pembroke Tax will take charge in implementing the solution.

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